Our Gites

4 bedrooms – 8 persons
The largest house in the hamlet

3 bedrooms – 6 persons
An almost « bourgeoise » house for Cauduro

2 bedrooms – 4/5 persons
The oldest of our gites

2 bedrooms – 4 persons
Its large living room and terrace enclosed with walls are places for parties

2 bedrooms – 4 persons
On the terrace, in the shade of the « parasol fig tree »

2 bedrooms – 4 persons
The oldest house in the hamlet

1 bedrooms – 2/3 persons
“Small is beautiful”; it is the smallest, but the view from the bedroom is the most beautiful

Terms and conditions


• The use of swimming pools is reserved for tenants.
• Children bathe there under the responsibility of parents.
• For practical reasons, we cannot accommodate animals: dogs, cats, etc.
• Smoking is not allowed inside the houses.